Friday, December 30, 2016

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #139.5 and Desk Rescue Update

Fake roundup post. Just cause!

First update is that I finished building a new paint rack, clearly pictured here. It holds all my paint! And conveniently takes up less footprint of my desk. It is not quite as good quality as the previous one, but it's pretty close and definitely meets my needs. The project is pretty easy and below I have included a sketch of materials for my own reference in the future. However I am going to note some key learnings for the (potential) next time that I try to build a paint rack:
1) Next time, get access to a table saw to do all the cutting to make all the cuts perfectly aligned.
2) Build each level one at a time, using rods to do the joining to make it more modular.
3) Stain it before doing the final assembly. Perhaps also find a better wood glue choice that takes stain and/or works on already stained wood.
4) Measure stuff a little bit more accurately. There's some jamming happening because the width is a little off, and the pigment pots on the top don't fit as well as they could.
Other than that though, it was fantastic. I'm super happy to have an expanded paint rack and clear space on my desk.

And on the desk front, things are still moving along slowly. Carver here is nearly done, and has been an interesting experiment of Sketch Style. I'll post more about that when I finish him of course. Beyond Carver I really don't have a good plan of what's going to get done next. I've got 2 primed Shredders, and 2 primed Beckoners, but neither of those really interest me, so today my goal is to review my sizable backlog of models and figure out what will stir my muse to action.

I'm also going to start working out my 2016 wrap up post. That will no doubt take me a while to do.

Paint rack reference notes:
Wood was all project pine wood from Lowes. 1/4" thickness, with mostly 2.5" width pieces. The edge parts are 1/2" square pieces.

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