Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Will O The Wisps

These little pretties were both fun and horrific to work on. Getting them assembled quickly revealed that they would be highly fragile on their bases, so I ended up putting pins in them. Then after I was done with assembly and priming, I discovered that the massive vertical seams hadn't closed all the way. I managed to mostly hide that with some painting tricks though and the end result worked out ok.
When I was painting them I wanted to stick fairly close to the artwork, but I wanted to make them more spooky. I had seen an example posted on one of the Facebook groups where the person had made the faces more stark white, so I shamelessly stole that bit of inspiration. I made their faces skeletal and hollow, but kept the rest of the body with the sort of glowing look and modulated the color towards dark purple at the bottom. The wings are where I went much more different, and I still have mixed feelings there. However I feel like I did a pretty good job of nailing the "spooky" look.

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