Sunday, February 26, 2017

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #143

So done with being sick.

I've been sick for 2 solid weeks now and still coughing. It's really hampering my ability to paint in the evenings when I have to take a bunch of pills. I've been trying to scratch out a little painting here and there but the progress is low. I did wrap up the Gupp Swarms and Mysterious Emissary which was nice. The Spawn Mother (pictured here) is almost done too, but I'm giving it a couple days to mull it over before I call it finished. The Changelings are also in progress now, and man are those small models. Beyond that, not much to report.

I was going to write up a review of the new Vallejo weathering paints but I just don't see that happening. They are pretty sweet, and if you can pick up a couple, I highly recommend trying them out.

Anyway, lots of progress this weekend. Got all 9 Gupps primed, made some progress on the translucent Spawn Mother, and lots of progress on the Mysterious Emissary.

A couple weeks ago we wrapped up week 5 of the Malifaux campaign.

Total games played this year: 2

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