Sunday, September 17, 2017

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #145 (the last)

The last roundup...

So I haven't done a "weekend roundup" post for ages, and for good reason. My wife has been really sick for a few months now. Things are getting better now, and I am still painting. However one of the things I realized as my time got more pressed was that updating this blog is just not a super high priority for me. Doing weekly posts was once very helpful, but it had become a chore. So I'm setting that aside and will continue to just post finished works or other random things. Pictured here is a slightly staged view of my painting desk. The projects are the ones in progress.

Tomorrow, Wyrd's Iron Painter competition begins which I have bravely signed up for. I don't expect to win, but I am aiming to just finish all the rounds. This will obviously take a lot of my painting attention, so hence even more reason not to put too much time into the blog.

One last note: I am posting random painting progress on Instagram when it comes up, so if you just want pictures and sound bite updates from me, that's the best place to follow for the foreseeable future.

Total games played this year: 19

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