Sunday, January 14, 2018


Loved painting these. Quick and easy, but nice details.

It was also a more successful experiment in hiding join lines between plastic pieces, which worked pretty well. Both models had seams right down the centers of their bodies, and I feel like I succeeded in hiding the majority of the seams without excessive painting work. A bit more practice and I should be able to deal with most seams without major putty work anymore, which will take a lot of the sting out of assembly for me. This is especially important for my painting style since I depend on washes and glazes a lot, and seams just become so painfully obvious when using washes.

One annoyance though was the howling model had a sculpted rock it's supposed to be standing on which I didn't like with my basing scheme, so I had to add in an extra piece to the base. In the end it worked out fine though.