Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nephilim Protector

And here he is! The third of my Nephilim. This actually rounds out my collection of beasts for Legion with at least one of each kind. The irony being that I've been playing Menoth the last couple weeks (gotta try out the battle engine). So while my Legion force is enjoying a bit of a vacation, it's getting closer to fully painted.

The Protector here was quite different from the others. The obvious amount of metal covering him made it a little different of a project to tackle. One side effect as well was figuring out where to put the sigil on him. I ended up using the back of one arm which worked out pretty well, despite my initial fear of it looking odd.

What went well:
* Painting all three at once - This helped a lot. There was enough variation in them that I could take a break from the uniform work and do something specific to keep things fresh.
* Metal patterns - Doing bright highlights on the patterning of the armor plates really made them pop nicely. I really like the overall look. Plus using a blue ink wash gives it a nice tint as well that ties much more of the model together.

What could have been better:
* Flesh - I think the flesh could have been better. Some of the recesses could have been darker to create better contrast, and some places could be a bit smoother.
* Metals - Overall I'm pretty happy with the metals, but some areas could have been cleaned up a bit.

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Viruk said...

It looks like you've picked up the painting pace! Great job on all three, I really like your style, it suits Legion models so well.