Monday, January 02, 2012

2011 Wrap Up, and 2012 Resolutions

[Disclaimer: This post contains fluffy, introspective nonsense... Just like last year's did.]

After 5 years of doing this, it seems pretty rote, but I'm doing it anyway. 2011 overall wasn't a good year for my hobbies.

Last year's goals:
1) Enter KublaCon masterclass painting competition - Success! Not a win, but a valuable experience for sure. I'll definitely enter at the masterclass level again this year. In all fairness, this was my main goal for this year.
2) Close out unpainted factions - Fail! Seriously, too little effort, too late. I'm so close on most of them. Maybe this year.
3) Do a series of speed painting posts - Fail! Well, kinda. I did a couple, but overall my painting time this year was horrible and I just didn't get a lot done.

Models painted last year:
This year was noticeably lighter with a total of 52 models completed, and that's if I generously include the Solar System project for my son. I'm going to count those planets since having a one year old in the house definitely impacted my painting time (joyously I might add). Overall not a gangbusters year. However I spent a ton of time on the War Hog for KublaCon and really found value in doing the Road to Competition series of posts as a part of that effort.
Legion: 32
Minions: 2
Mercs: 1
Khador: 1
Cygnar: 7
Planets: 9

Goals for next year:
1) Enter KublaCon masterclass painting again. This is a no-brainer, and I've got plenty of lead time for it. I've already got a couple models in mind as well. As a part of this I'm going to do another RtC series of posts.
2) Finish reading my books on color theory. I've got two of them sitting around that I started but never finished. This is a pretty straightforward goal. The real trick will be whether I learn and apply something significant from them. I'll commit to chronicling my learnings in more color theory posts.
3) Use my airbrush once. This probably sounds like a dumb goal. I mean seriously, just once? The idea here is simple: If I commit to using it once, odds are it'll get me over the initial hurdle of trying it out and figuring out the logistics and I'll actually start using it more. [I'm doing the same thing with the gym.] Again, I'll plan to record my attempts in a set of airbrush tagged posts.

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Rob said...

Airbursh...Yes.. Do it., the more you use it the more you will like it. That's how I got started with mine. I'm about to tackel my entire starter force for Heavy Gear with 90% air brushing. Good luck with your goprals for the year.