Monday, January 23, 2012

From the Desk: DominationThroneCheatery Mashup

Another total mash-up desk post here.
Meager progress on the Throne. As you can see, I've gotten everything put together except for the lower teeth and the tentacle claws. The sorceress is on a pin and just set on top rather than glued in yet since I plan to paint her separately. Getting all the tentacles attached to the main body was actually pretty easy. I used the drop-of-paint-to-mark-where-to-drill method, and it worked out very easy. Still though, there's a lot of gaps to putty later. Also the tentacles weren't all even at the bottom so I had to do some leveling with plasticard to get the whole thing attached to the base and level. The scale of this thing is just crazy though, standing over 8" tall.

Played in the Domination release event at my LGS. Rather than some huge battle report, here's a bunch of highlights:
  • 10 players! (4 Legion, 3 Circle, 1 Troll, 1 Khador, 1 Cygnar)
  • Didn't take any pictures. Boo!!!
  • I won the Legion faction coin!
  • I played 6 games total, spanning 6 warlocks, and won every single battle by assassination.
  • The dice gods were throwing their blessings on me left and right throughout all but the first game.
  • Had a seriously fun time overall. The open format is definitely my favorite.
  • Played the Throne in 2 of my 4 games and was very happy with it overall.
  • One other player had a fully painted Throne for the event. I was totally impressed he had it done so fast.
  • The tournament winner coin went to the Khador player. Crazy!
Hats off to our TO and Press Ganger Ray. Even though he said this event was a piece of cake for him to run compared to most other, I brought him a Seether as a gift of thanks. It was sort of a win-win since that Seether had been sitting in my unpainted bucket for ages, and he enjoys playing Cryx from time to time. But seriously, Ray did a great job of running the event and impressed me multiple times during the tournament with his knowledge of the rules. Go Ray!

Ok, that's enough. I really need to be spending my time assembling and painting rather than all this blogging.

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