Sunday, June 22, 2014

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #53

Weeks like this are remarkably productive, even if there isn't a huge amount of actual painting to show for it. Ironically there is painting to show as I've been getting Legion lesser beasts finished and posted, but there wasn't huge painting left on them. Even though I'm trying to keep my first 15pts of Cygnar a relative secret (in case my buddies are actually checking my blog), I'll drop a few hints in this post. Pictured here is sort of a censored version of what's on my painting desk currently. So here's a list of this week's accomplishments:
  • Primed 6 of the 7 models for my first Cygnar wave.
  • Primed 2 additional Cygnar models that aren't part of the first wave.
  • Airbrush base coated 3 of those Cygnar models their metallic base coats.
  • Primed and base coated 8 bases for those Cygnar models.
  • Finished up 4 lesser Legion beasts (still getting photos posted).
  • Assembled Fyanna the Lash and the Nephilim Bloodseer.
  • Cleaned my desk, brushes, and palettes.

    A note about the airbrush base coating: I used the Andrea Gun Metal paint for this and I have to say that it goes through the airbrush like butter. Really liked it. Not as great for painting on ironically, but the airbrush loves the stuff. I'll do a proper product review at some point in the future when I've had a chance to experiment with more of the line properly.

    This week will hopefully be busy as well. I'm working on a post of how I paint the Cygnar bases (as much for my own reference as for sharing), and will definitely get more stuff primed and get some proper painting time in on this first Cygnar wave.
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