Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Captain Maxwell Finn

So here's the first of my finished Cygnar models as a part of this big new mad push of mine. Finn is a model I've been looking forward to painting for some time. This isn't an amazing paint job by any stretch, but it was a great prototype for what I want to do with my Cygnar army. I figured Finn would make a good test model. I'll explain more about the reasoning of how I arrived at this paint scheme in a future post, but for now I'm just going to focus on how I did this particular paint job.

Part of my goal was a paint method that could be easily replicated and streamlined the painting process. The style of "battle damage" that I wanted to go with was more of a scraping/scratching type than from being shot/blasted. Again, I'll explain that later but the context is important for why I did this the way I did.
I had really nice success with the battle damage model that I did for Madhammer and his jacks, so I decided to use that as a base for my technique. It's pretty straightforward actually: 1) Paint metallics, including shading, 2) "Apply" paint over the metallics with roughed edges to simulate damage, including highlights and shading, 3) Add some blackening to the metals where colors appear to be blasted away. This process is essentially what I did for Finn here for the metals and reds. I did a lot more highlight/shading on the reds though, and did metal highlights after the reds were done. Everything else (skin, leathers, etc) is handled using my normal processes of course.

In terms of mods here, the muzzle flash and ejected casings were added afterwards obviously and were from (I believe) the Armorcast line. Otherwise this is a pretty standard situation. I did this mostly to make Finn appear more dynamic, but also to test out where I like the look of adding these types of things on to my Cygnar army as a whole. I'm honestly curious what other people think about these sorts of mods, particularly for tabletop play and appearance purposes.

Once last note here is that I added some freehand to the shoulder pad as a part of a rank/unit designation. One of my goals in painting Cygnar is to force myself to practice more freehand, and this is a great vehicle to do that.

So that's it. Time to start cranking on my main Cygnar force!

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