Thursday, April 23, 2015

Battle Report: Nemo vs Directrix

My list: Nemo1, 2 Stormwalls, Squire, Storm Strider, 3 Stormsmiths, Arcanist Core.

My opponent fielded: Directrix (Tier 4), Axiom, Corollary, 2 TEPs, 12 Elimination Servitors, 12 Accretion Servitors, Optifex Directive.

We played the Close Quarters SR2015 scenario. This game was actually a specific test for Lance to try out using a Directrix backlash assassination option against colossals. Given that I knew it was coming, I did everything I could to try to prevent it short of designing a list against it. In the end though he whittled down Nemo by the end of turn 4. There were a couple key turning points though. First was when he managed to spray my Storm Strider off the table almost completely with a single TEP and then finished the job using a couple servitors. That was rough since the damage rolls spiked to cause all the damage and on average it would have easily lived and had 3 power tokens for the following round. The second was after charging and destroying the Axiom with one my Stormwalls, I was unfortunately within walking range of Directrix. Although this sounds benign, the net effect was that she could walk instead of charging, which meant her servitors were able to put the +2 damage effect on the Stormwall. This shifted Directrix from dice minus 8 to dice minus 6, which made all the difference in terms of triggering backlash.

Lessons learned: Nemo is still fun, but still squishy. Backlash is totally a thing, and even though I had metal storm templates and lightning bouncing and all kinds of crazy Cygnar stuff going, it's still pretty easy for Directrix to arc Backlash on to a colossal.

Games this year: 20

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