Monday, April 06, 2015

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #81

Countdown to Lock and Load: 9 weeks. And the schedule is up!

All my Stormguard are assembled now, and the jacks I assembled all got basic metals done. I also finished assembling Murdoch, Shaw, and Harlan. This was actually somewhat significant since it meant I'd assembled everything that was in my portable assembly kit so I have since loaded it up with more things to assemble.

So why has my progress been pitiful lately? Well honestly I've been distracted reading comics (Blackest Night story arc) and work has been kicking my ass. I've been sleeping more than usual to compensate for the stress too which has cut into my hobby time a lot. Hopefully things get better.

This last week I did get some experimental time in though. I just got a new Sotar 20/20 airbrush and I've been meaning to try out the Daler-Rowney inks in the airbrush. So when my 5 year old son told me he wanted to try painting with the airbrush, I figure what the heck! So I broke out an old Bones model and let him experiment a bit using the inks and then I did some additional experimenting using old business cards and the variety of inks that I have. Pictured here are the results. I do have to say that I really liked using the inks just straight in the airbrush too. I think I'll invest in more of them for the future.

Nemo3 Tier List Progress:
  • Nemo3 - primed
  • Finch - primed
  • Stormwall - completed
  • Dynamo - painting
  • Thunderhead - completed
  • Mechanics - completed
  • Silverline Stormguard - assembled
  • Stormcaller - completed

Total Cygnar points painted for Unbound (now tracking theme-based mercs):
  • Casters: +45 pts (8 models)
  • Warjacks: 128 pts
  • Battle Engines: 9 pts
  • Units: 48* pts
  • Solos: 22 pts
  • Merc Solos: 6
  • Merc Warjacks: 5
  • Merc Units: 4

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