Friday, July 17, 2015

Battle Report: Nemo3 vs Sorcha2

No picture unfortunately. Also, it'd been a whole month since my previous game which sucks, but at least I got to play and had a good time.

My list: Nemo3 (tier 4), Finch, Stormwall, Jakes, Dynamo, 3 Stormsmiths, Stormblade Captain, Stormblades (6+UA), Stormguard (10).

My opponent: Sorcha2, Beast 09, Ogrun Bokur, Reinholdt, Andrei, Decimator, Manhunter, Drakhun (no dismount), Winterguard (10+UA), Kovnik Joe, Widowmakers, Aiyana & Holt + Valechev, Eiryss2.

We played the Recon scenario and I won initiative, choosing to go first. I ran, then he advanced and used Shatterstorm to take out half of my Stormblades, then I feated and started laying out some hurt. The Nemo3 feat round is pretty ball busting especially when I use focus to extend his control area. Stormguard killed the Drakhun and tied up some Winterguard. A Stormsmith snuffed Eiryss. Dynamo mostly shot the Decimator off the board, with the final blow coming from the Stormblade Captain. The Stormwall had dropped a lightning pod right near Sorcha which afforded Nemo the opportunity to use his ranged attack on it and bounce lightning into Sorcha. The next round however things got messy for me. Winterguard cleaned out my Stormguard and then the rest of the army created a hole for Sorcha to do her whole Cyclone/Wind Rush charge thing and head in on Nemo. It was well done, and perfectly ranged with about half an inch to spare. And then dice happened. She had to take a free strike from Dynamo on the way in. He hit and rolled just above average and slayed Sorcha.

Lessons learned: Sometimes it's better to be lucky than smart! Sorcha2 has crazy threat range which I forget about, and even just camping 2 would have turned her assassination run from "average dice kills" to "average dice doesn't come close". Also, Nemo3 is super fun to play, but I doubt I would play in tier next time. The Stormwall is just not a great pairing for him in my opinion. Dynamo, with Jakes, is still the bomb and I love that combo to pieces. It's important to note that Dynamo still gets his affinity bonus in Nemo's control area even if he's in a different battlegroup.

Games this year: 31

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