Thursday, January 06, 2011

Battle Report: Double Impact

Last night I played an alternative battle format that my fellow gamers and I have been working on for a couple weeks now. The format is called "Double Impact". I'll post the detailed rules for the format in a few days once we've cleaned up the language, but the basic concept is sort of a tag-team format, where each army has 2 warcasters, with one warcaster off the table at any given time.

The Armies:
Me: Thagrosh, Vayl, Carnivean, Scythean, Typhon, Shredder, Forsaken, Striders w/ UA
Lance: Mohsar, Kromac, 2 Feral Warpwolves, Woldwyrd, 6 Bloodtrackers, Nuala, 5 Wolf Riders, Lord of the Feast, Feralgeist

The Throwdown:
Vayl and Mohsar were deployed first which really set the tone for the game. The battle quickly turned into an attrition game, pinging at each other and trying to wear things down. Vayl used Chiller on the Striders in order to reduce key targets' DEF to make it easier to lay some attacks out from the heavies. An early strike got a Carnivean spray hit on Mohsar, and Typhon was a rockstar at laying out sprays on Bloodtrackers and Wolf Riders.

The Endgame:
The triggering effect was Typhon getting into position to drop 3 sprays on Mohsar. On the last spray, Mohsar took the damage and croaked, putting Kromac on the board. At that point my turn was done, but Kromac was within the strike range of Vayl. He rolled up, jumped into melee with her, and then proceeded to go to town. However, due to a cruel twist of dice fate combined with Vayl having Tenacity on her to put her at DEF 16, Kromac missed with a lot of attacks. He landed enough to take Vayl out at which point Thagrosh landed on the table. This put an interesting twist since Kromac could then continue to land blows (and easier too since Thagrosh is only DEF 14). However Thagrosh is an effective ARM 18 and was able to absorb the remaining hits pretty easily. At this point it was a quick matter of the Scythean headbutting Kromac to the ground and the Thagrosh went to town like a master sushi chef.

* I still love my heavy beasts. Legion heavy beasts are just a ton of fun to play.
* I definitely need more practice with Vayl. She seems great, but has a number of features that I need to remember, and learn how to sequence her abilities. Honestly though I find her to be pretty interesting.
* Mohsar's feat has an old school Severius-style crushing feel to it. Not being able to reave fury is a huge pain, especially for a beast heavy list.

Reflections on the Format:
The format seems pretty fun. We're continuing to make tweaks to try and get it refined. There were a number of rules questions that came up while trying it, but most of them were easily resolved. I definitely like the tag team idea and this gives enough tweak to the format to introduce something new without throwing everything sideways like Frankenstein or Casterjackapalooza do.

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