Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From the Desk: Being Sick Is Sometimes Good

Being sick sucks. But sometimes there are hidden benefits. The last two days I stayed home from work and managed to get some terrain making and painting in. To the right here is a picture of the simple hills I made, along with a Khador monolith. The monolith is really going to be a gift for a friend. I got the inspiration from this blog post. I'm not great at terrain making, and generally don't have the patience for it. However I wanted to get more terrain together for my own area. Part of my inspiration to do this was the Warmachine Battlefield Generator which creates a random terrain layout. I've become quite fond of this tool, but quickly discovered that I don't have all the terrain pieces needed to properly support following the random layouts it generates. Hence, I'm on a simple terrain making kick. I'm also sick of only having felt templates all the time.

I also got a serious amount of painting time in on my Raptors. Units are always a little soul crushing for me, but 5 large based infantry at once is a bit more so. I'm just going for tabletop standards on these guys since anything higher would probably drive me insane. Overall though, it's going pretty smoothly. Last night (after taking these photos) I finished up painting the armor edges which was a major hurdle. Now I can focus on details. The armor edging is always tedious and exhausting to do, so having that part already done really lifts my spirits.

In the realm of trying to meet my 1-1-1-1 unpainted goal, I did a quick tally of unpainted models and found I have the following counts:
* 4 Caster (2 Legion)
* 1 Jack
* 3 Units (2 Legion)
* 3 Solos (1 Legion)
Now there's some fudging in there. Two of those units are rolling in their UA's rather than counting the UA as a separate model, and one of those solos is actually the 3-pack of Spell Martyrs. But the principle is sound. I'm really quite focused on slimming this down. I've recently been very interested in the Farrow but I'm trying to keep focused on painting down my backlog before I start a small Farrow army.

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