Sunday, February 26, 2012

From the Desk: ...

I do a lot of "From the Desk" posts on this blog. About 25% in fact. These posts are more for my own motivation than anything else. As of late though, I've been slacking on doing these. Fatherhood and work have both made it challenging to carve out additional time for doing desk posts. As I think I've mentioned previously, my new job comes with quite a bit more travel, and packing modeling/painting kits are not often feasible. Nevertheless, here comes another self-motivating post full of random bits of information.

First item of note here is I've gotten started on my Gatorman Posse finally. This photo is pretty poor, but I'm using a pretty similar formula as I used for the Bull Snapper previously. These guys represent the bulk of my first 15 points, and should be relatively fast to paint. However, using lots of washes has a couple of drawbacks. First is "dead" time while I wait for washes to dry (more on that later), and second is that there's some challenges with the washes being draw away from key spots. This usually seems to happen in nooks and crannies for some reason. It's mostly a gravity-drawn capillary action, but exacerbated when I use too much volume of wash in those places. Easily fixed, just annoying.

While I'm talking about Gators, I have to share one hugely positive note: The Wrastler is one of the best casting I've gotten in a long time. Practically zero mold lines and the joins fit together very well. I had to do nearly zero putty work. Yay!

Now back to that point about waiting for washes to dry. Here's what I'm doing with the time between. McBain has sat around, primed, for months now. Just waiting for his turn on the painting desk. I've been on a really good streak lately with clearing out stuff from my backlog. In an effort to wrap up yet another unfinished faction, McBain has emerged from the queue (for like the 5th time), and actually has paint on him finally. I'm using one of my speed painting tricks of washing and painting the underlying areas first. I figured I'd paint all his armor the green color and then add the metal on later. This delays having to make any decisions about what should and shouldn't be metal until the model is closer to having an overall sense of composition.

One last note: Thanks to Ghoul for posting a comment on my Paint Toxicity post. He shared some details about his past experience and his current view, and I am very grateful that he took the time to do so.

And that's it for today's post! I've got a bunch of other random stuff to share, but I'd rather keep desk posts short and sweet and do them more frequently, so I'll save that stuff for a Tuesday update. Until then, paint like you have a pair!

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