Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gun Mage Captain Adept(s)

These Gun Mage Captain Adepts have been in my backlog for quote some time now and finally bubbled up. There were a number of causes for the delay, not the least of which was a missing hand for one of them. To be honest though, I got them as a part of my Ashlynn theme force which I haven't really been jazzed to play much lately. This does however get me one more step closer to having that list up to a playable level.

These models are actually pretty pleasant to paint. I opted for a pretty simple scheme, and went with a more muted tone overall. For speed painting (probably a total of 4 hours max for both together) I'm quite pleased with the results. I used a number of washes for the leathers which helped them to really pop. For the coats I opted for 2BB as the method to shade. Mixing up these techniques really works for me these days.

Now let's talk color theory for a minute... This pair represented an interesting experiment. Most of the models are painted in a similar scheme, with the coats and heads being the differentiating features. I didn't specifically paint one before the other either, as I swapped them back and for order-wise. The net result is subtle, but fascinating. The crimson one really jumps out as being energetic, whereas the grey one seems to be more reserved. This has to do with where the highest color value focus is. For the grey one, the highest color values are the face and pants, which are more central. For the crimson one, the overall color value is shifted so that much more of the model has a higher color value. The other big difference is the grey (with a touch of green in it) provides a much more neutral feel whereas the crimson shade provides a much more dynamic feel.

Quite honestly I could go on much more about color theory as a result of painting these two models side by side, but I've got a big pile of gators to paint!

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