Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Lock and Load 2014

And so it begins! I'm officially registered for L&L 2014. My badge purchased, hotel reserved, and events scheduled. So what are my plans?

First, I want to enter the painting competition and do at least as well as last year. To that end I'll be posting here more frequently to keep myself motivated. I'll be doing those posts under the RtC (Road to Competition) tag again.

Next, I want to attend painting classes. I've signed up for 4 different classes that are not replays of last year classes.

Third, I want to play in the Unbound exhibition. Playing Unbound last year was a blast and we got so many nice comments from people that came by. I'd love to participate in this year's planned event if I can.

Finally, I want to play a crapton of games. I'm planning to just hang out in Iron Arena a whole bunch and play whoever is looking for a game. In particular I'd love to hit the scenario tables which I didn't do any of last year.

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