Thursday, April 17, 2014

RtC: 7 Weeks till L&L

I'm totally tricking myself here by thinking it's 7 weeks. To be exact, there are 7 weeks until I'll be on the road driving to L&L. In between then and now I have many days that I won't be getting any painting work done. And ideally I'd like to be wrapped up 2 weeks early so I can go to KublaCon.
So here's the progress on the Gnarlhorn. Pretty pathetic really. I just finished the sculpting of the tree trunk and then put some black basecoating for the metallic parts.
The first Beast Mistress on the other hand got far more work done. I spent about 2 hours painting while my compatriots were facing off in battle. I love this sculpt, but having a first one to "practice" on before doing a competition one is definitely going to help immensely. There are some unique aspects to the sculpt that are a bit tricky to deal with paint-wise.
I've been toying a lot more with posting images to this blog directly from my phone in the hopes that while I'm at L&L I can post up a bunch of pictures of the many cool things to be seen.

Well, back to work work, and hopefully more evening progress on both of these projects.

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