Friday, June 24, 2016

Battle Report: Nemo1 vs Garreth

My list: Nemo1, Squire, Thunderhead, Lancer, Firefly, 6 Stormcallers, Strangeways, Arcanist Core.

My opponent: Garreth, Imperatus, Griffon, Chimera, Corbeau, Arcanist Mechanik, Destors (3), Mage Hunter Assassin.

Scenario: Mosh Pit (book), no clock.

I won initiative and chose a side of the table. After a brutal exchange where the Destors nearly wrecked Thunderhead, I retaliated and wiped out the Destors. From there things continued down a brutal attrition battle. Again though the game turned into attempts at trading assassination runs, with Nemo making a valiant attempt to chain lightning onto Garreth a bunch and nearly killing him. However as the battle wore on, Imperatus was able to stay in the battle long enough to be a problem, and in the end I got checkmated on scenario, losing 2 to 3 on vps.

Lessons learned: Keep looking up rules! It's good to review the new rules. This game we ended up re-reading most of the power attacks, spellcasting details, and a number of misc things. The more we play, the more we find that the rules are better but we're trying not to make any assumptions that they are the same. Also, camping a couple focus on a caster for damage drops is a serious survivability advantage. And when Nemo has a turn with 11 focus on himself, in addition to Power Up, it's an amusing round for spell slinging.

Games this year: 36

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