Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Battle Report: Stryker1 vs Irusk1

My list: Stryker1, Sylys, Rowdy, Lancer, Charger, Journeyman, Stormclad, Stormblade Captain, Stormclad (second), Stormblades (6+UA+2WA).

My opponent: Irusk1, Behemoth, Kodiak, Bokur, Koldun Lord, Drakhun (with dismount), Kayazy Assassins (10+UA), Greylord Ternion, Black Dragons (10+UA).

Scenario: Mosh Pit (book), no clock.

I won initiative and chose to go first. I could go into details, but honestly the Rube Goldberg contraption that was Henry's army was immaculate. He had Ternions putting clouds on Kayazy, which were stealthed, and those guys created a cloud wall for the rest of his army to advance behind. Irusk's Inhospitable Ground kept me from assault/charging them. This whole combination was frustratingly effective. I ended up feating too soon, and from there things continued to go downhill. There was a lot about this matchup that was just unfortunate too, like Kayazy having Anatomical Precision which handily overcomes my Stormblades despite having great armor stack options. In the end I took a last ditch assassination run on Irusk but an early failed boosted attack roll by my Stormclad against a key Kayazy failed (needing 8 on 3d6 I might add), and that sealed any chance I had for lucky dice to save me. If I'd succeeded, then it would have opened a lane for the Lancer to advance, then Stryker to Earthquake and perhaps the Charger to get a pair of shots on Irusk, in what would have been perhaps a 20% chance of success.

Lessons learned: I really need to develop my skills around using premeasuring effectively. Using proxy bases and marking spots and all that stuff is super key to taking proper advantage of premeasuring.
Also, Jack Marshalls are a thing. The Stormblade Captain granting Reposition to the Stormclad is a pretty serious advantage for it. I will definitely be thinking about that option in the future.

Games this year: 37

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