Sunday, June 05, 2016

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #125

Jump, jump, jump, pounce!

So progress this week has shifted gears after finishing the Sacral Vault. I trimmed a bunch of Cephalyx models (3 units and 3 heavies), but painting jumped over to Malifaux models that I had prepped and primed. It's sort of fortuitous actually since I was hoping to make some progress on my remaining Malifaux horde of stuff. Iggy was a very quick paint and I've already made a significant amount of progress on Taelor, with the base mostly done and herself mostly done as well. The Black Blood Shaman is ready to start, and 3 Daydreams just got primed. I've only got 3 more evenings of painting ahead of me before leaving for Lock & Load, but we'll see how much gets done on Malifaux during that time. Speaking of Malifaux, I did some planning work to figure out what all bases I still need to make. I'm documenting it here for my own future use.

Malifaux basing plan:
Remaining models:
Black Blood Shaman - 30mm Nephilim
Lilith Avatar - 50mm Nephilim
Nekima - 50mm Nephilim
Lilitu - 30mm Nightmare Nephilim Woe
Lelu - 30mm Nightmare Nephilim Woe
Widow Reaver - 40mm Nightmare
3 Daydreams - 30mm Nightmare
3 Alps - 30mm Nightmare
2 Stitched Together - 30mm Nightmare Puppet Darkened
Mysterious Effigy - 30mm Puppet Effigy
2 Waldgeists - 40mm Beast Swampfiend

Currently have:
2 30mm Nightmare
2 30mm Nephilim
1 50mm Nephilim
1 50mm Woe
2 30mm Woe

Need to make:
1 50mm Nephilim - custom for Lilith avatar
2 30mm Nephilim/Nightmare/Woe
4 30mm Nightmare
1 40mm Nightmare
Bases for Stitched Togethers, Waldgeists, and Mysterious Effigy - Gotta decide on options there

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