Friday, August 08, 2014

Battle Report: 15pt Reveals

So our 15pt reveal tournament has come and gone. The results are pretty interesting.

Henry's List: Harkovich, Conquest, War Dog
Lance's List: eThagrosh, Nephilim Soldier, Swordsmen (6+UA), Bone Grinders (4)
My List: Nemo1, Stormwall, 2 Stormsmiths

Battle 1: Harkovich vs Thagrosh!
In what looked like a rather one-sided battle, Harkovich advances and tucks in behind Conquest and an obstructing stone. What happened next bent the odds. 3 Swordsmen charge in, followed by eThagrosh, and they destroy Conquest entirely. In a single round! It was insane. After that, it was a quick grinding out of the rest and Harkovich's army was tabled.

Battle 2: Harkovich vs Nemo!
In a well played batch of maneuvering and timing, Conquest gets the drop on Stormwall and destroys it. After that it was a desperate attempt by Nemo to Voltaic Snare Conquest and shift towards an assassination run. Unfortunately a well landed crit devastation sent Nemo sprawling and then gunned down like a dog.

Battle 3: Thagrosh vs Nemo!
This battle started out pretty good, taking out the Soldier early with some good rolls and then clearing out Swordsmen quickly. However I got greedy and put Nemo in obvious harm without thinking. If I'd played an attrition game I could have easily won this one. Unfortunately Thagrosh and the Bone Grinder leader landed multiple spell attacks on Nemo and slayed him.

Observation 1: It was amusing how the reveal resulted in a sort of rock-paper-scissors set of match ups. It reinforces my high opinion of the Warmachine game as being well balanced.

Observation 2: Although only my force was fully completed, all three of us agreed that having the goal and the date was a great motivator for making progress on our projects. Henry in particular said that this was exactly the motivation he needed to get Conquest going given that it's such a huge project.

So what's next? Perhaps a 25pt reveal? We'll see!

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