Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Storm Strider

Nothing makes a new force seem bigger than it is like having huge bases added. Throwing in the Storm Strider to my queue definitely had that effect. I'd been anxious to paint this one up once I opened the kit. It was pretty quick to put together and paint, and I really did enjoy it. Some parts were annoying to work around, like having all the legs put together and trying to paint the interiors. Other parts were easy though. I worked the project in 6 pieces: base, legs and hips, main deck, ball, pilot, and leader. I just worked from the bottom up and assembled as I finished parts. The last piece was the insignias, which I have to admit I struggled with a fair amount. In the end, the insignias ended up being a bit random but I feel it gives the right sort of look to the whole thing.

Nothing much more to say on this one really. I've fielded it a couple times already and find it to be an amusing addition to my list. Definitely well suited for taking out chunks of infantry, but if it can get a couple power tokens, it can hit pretty hard too.

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