Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lieutenant Allison Jakes

This was the sculpt from the PP Kickstarter. It's the first of the Kickstarter sculpts that I've painted too. I love the dynamic pose of this sculpt too. It was a lovely model to paint. The details are incredibly finely detailed. More so than my skills really support unfortunately. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this project quite a bit.


Lucas said...

God damn... how do you do that?

Seriously, the color scheme is striking, the hair is gorgeous, you've even got some great freehand on those pads, there's a tiny bit of OSL from the mechanikal bits, and everything is clear and clean.

I can't tell from the lighting, but it looks like you're using Real Metal Metalics for the blade and metal bits, but if not, you've got such a beautiful shading method that it doesn't matter.

And the eyes immediately evoke a professional soldier's work face; not so much 'come get some' as watching and waiting for the moment to attack.

If you're looking for suggestions, maybe consider some glazes for the sharper divides in shading; the hair is the only bit that really stands out, but you could do a soft one on the right shoulder to smooth out the layers. I still feel like a 101 art class student making suggestions to Michelangelo saying that, though.

Scott said...

Thanks for the kind words! I am indeed using real metalics for everything. I always appreciate feedback, especially for spotting those little details that I sometimes miss.