Monday, August 11, 2014

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #57

Oops! Missed a week again. Mostly cause I was painting and playing a lot. And went to see Guardians Of The Galaxy which was badass.

Somehow I failed to take any pictures this week, so I've included this single photo from the shelf beside my desk to give a sense of the state of things. I got a lot of stuff done in the last 2 weeks, while my wife and son were out of town. It doesn't necessarily seem like a lot to me since nothing really got done, but there was a lot of prep work that will streamline upcoming projects. Here's the highlights:

Painted a light dot in the center of Stormwall's base. This was a suggestion from Lance and is specifically to have an easy reference point for when a Stormpod gets launched, since the POW 10 hit is based on a line from the center to the center. It's already come in handy once.

Ordered way more paint than I should have (Andrea, P3, Vallejo). A bunch of this was due to running low on various paints, but also had a lot to do with making sure I had ample supply of the colors I'm using for my Cygnar army. My LGS was shockingly low on P3 stock so I had to pick them up at a slightly further store. At some point I'll do reviews of the various stuff and what my personal take on each is.

I avoided buying hardly any models! Just the Gobber Tinker. He's 1 point and will be convenient in a Cygnar list sometimes.

Assembled, primed and base coated a ton of stuff. Like, a lot of stuff: Allison Jakes, Thunderhead, Thorn, 2 Lancers, Ironclad, Defender, 2 units of Stormblades, 6 Stormblade WAs, 2 Stormblade UAs, a Stormblade Captain, and 6 mechanics. All the jacks have gotten metal base coats on too. I'm currently focused on Jakes and the 2 Hunters.

I got a bunch of bases drilled and prepped for priming. As many as I could until I ran out of magnets, which I also ordered. I think the count is 10 small bases, 10 medium bases, and 6 large bases. The drilling task is annoyingly tedious so this was a nice step to get completed.

Oh, and I updated my Cygnar Dragon Horde spreadsheet. Yes, I created a spreadsheet. Currently at 23% completed of all the new stuff I bought for Cygnar. It tracks the state of all the models. It's convenient to have it on my phone for reference when I'm at the LGS. Oh, and an amusing column on the spreadsheet is the number of rivets each model has. Yes, I'm that crazy. I'm counting rivets. Cygnar models are just completely covered with them. It's very humorous. If folks are really interested, I'll share the counts once I get further along in painting my Cygnar army. As a teaser, the Stormwall has just over 1000 rivets.

One last thought: I'm debating re-basing my Gun Mages. I've used them a couple times now and really enjoy playing them with my force. I'm very tempted to make them fit in closer with my overall army just for kicks.

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