Tuesday, May 26, 2015

From the Desk: Deadline Freak Out

Countdown to Lock and Load: 9 days (before driving up).

I totally failed to do a normal weekend roundup, mostly cause I didn't get much done this last week. I was traveling for work and then during the long weekend I was installing recessed LED lighting in my living room and putting up ceiling tiles and crown moulding which ate almost the whole weekend. However now my living room has kick-ass lighting for board games.

I finally managed to get a blister of Sylys which I'd been searching for. He's now officially in my final push for Unbound as well. However I'm traveling for work the next 3 days again so I'm really down to just a few evenings for painting. This is gonna be pretty tight.

Final Unbound Push:
  • Stormguard - done
  • Storm Strider - done
  • Stormsmiths - painting
  • Squire - done
  • Journeyman - done
  • Gun Mage re-basing - painting bases
  • Sylys - primed

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