Thursday, May 21, 2015

From the Desk: Ready For Unbound

This post should probably be titled "Apparently Social Media is a Thing, But I'm Too Old to Appreciate It".
It's no secret to readers of this blog that I'm excited about playing in Unbound again. So the other day when Jason Soles posted an Insider about his preparations for Unbound at Lock&Load, I got even more excited. With the help of my good friend Mike, I finally got my Twitter account working properly and tweeted this picture of my Cygnar army ready for Unbound. I'm hoping it might bootstrap my odds of both getting into Unbound and actually getting to play Jason.
I also shared this picture with Mister Justin of Secret Weapon Miniatures to show my army entirely based using his resin bases which I've loved. He of course promptly asked to share it on the SW Facebook page which I was vary happy to agree to.

Now I want to be clear, all but 1 model in this photo was painted within the last year. The only exception in that photo is Maxwell Finn who I painted prior to Lock&Load 2014 as the test model for my new Cygnar color scheme. Everything else though was painted within the last year. I'm actually really stoked about this progress and even more stoked to be bringing this to Lock&Load 2015 in just a couple weeks.

Maybe now that I know how to use Twitter, I'll start using it more often to post little stuff.

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