Sunday, May 03, 2015

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #85

Countdown to Lock and Load: 33 days.

Not as much progress this week as I had hoped, but still progress. Harlan is done and just awaiting photos. I ordered a second Storm Strider which arrived Friday night and in that time I got it prepped, assembled (for painting), primed, and finished all the metal base coats. I ordered a base at the same time which is in the same state. The glow effects are almost done as well. My Stormguard are still in progress. I completed the unit leader entirely, but all the grunts still have a lot of work left to do.

I've changed my paint target to be more in line with my L&L goals. It's mostly just the Stormguard and Storm Strider, but I'm also hoping to re-base my gun mages and also to paint 3 more Stormsmiths.

Final L&L Push:
  • Stormguard - painting
  • Storm Strider - painting
  • Stormsmiths - blister
  • Gun Mage re-basing - not started

Total Cygnar points painted for Unbound (now tracking theme-based mercs):
  • Casters: +45 pts (8 models)
  • Warjacks: 175 pts
  • Battle Engines: 9 pts
  • Units: 48* pts
  • Solos: 22 pts
  • Merc Solos: 6
  • Merc Warjacks: 5
  • Merc Units: 4

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