Friday, January 29, 2016

Battle Report: Absylonia2 vs Calandra

No photo. Very brief battle report. Just for my own tracking purposes.

My list: Absylonia2, Blightbringer, Carnivean, Seraph, Stinger, Shredder, Warspears (5+UA), 2x Shepherds.

My opponent: Calandra, Bomber, Impaler, Horgle, Pyre, Slag, Chronicler, Fennblade Kithkar, Fennblades (10+UA), Fell Caller Hero, Long Riders (3), Fire Eaters.

This was a poor showing on my part. Quite honestly I was so mentally tired I probably shouldn't have played. I completely misinterpreted a piece of terrain on the table and thus picked the wrong side. Then chose to put Abby centrally forward but not in B2B with the Fortified Blightbringer, which would have prevented her being knocked down by Calandra's Force Blow and then being killed handily.

Lessons learned: Remember my features, and don't play when really mentally tired. *sigh*

Games this year: 4

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