Friday, April 08, 2016

Battle Report: Caine2 vs Goreshade3

No picture this time. This battle should simply be titled "oops".

My list: Caine2, Ace Squire, Jakes, Avenger, Tempest Blazers (5), Gun Mages (6+UA), Black 13th, Stormsmith, Gun Mage Captain, Reinholdt, Taryn, Acosta, Eiryss1, Bunker Objective.

My opponent: Goreshade3, Skarlock, Kraken, Darragh Wrathe, Bane Riders (5), Mechanithralls (10), Mechanithralls (6), Neurosurgeon & Stitch Thralls, Soulhunters (5), Bunker Objective.

Scenario: Recon, 60 minute death clock.

I won initiative and opted to go first. This was mistake #1. There was a linear obstacle on one side of the table which would prove to be a hiding spot for Goreshade the entire game. I put Blur on Caine. This was mistake #2. Then I surged forward and braced for the Cryx push, which wasn't bad. Then I unleashed a pile of ranged attacks, mostly just taking out a lot of Mechanithralls via electro-leaps from the Blazers. At this point Cryx was pretty heavily on me. As much as I tried to hold them back, too many damage rolls were coming up short. The Kraken then jammed in and I had no choice but to try and take it out with Caine's feat. Now on average dice, he shouldn't have quite pulled it off by himself anyway, but I had put a few points on it from Blazer, so I thought it would be close. It wasn't. At that point it was an easy mop up for Goreshade and it was wrapped up via the feat and the Kraken's melee.

Lessons learned: For this Caine list, I should choose sides if I can to avoid having my assassination options blunted. Also keeping Heightened Reflex on Caine instead of Blur would have been a much better choice given the Goreshade feat threat. I should have put Blur on Acosta instead, who didn't get to do any work. In general I find that I build for and play better when I'm going second. What I really need to consider now is ADR sideboard options. This was not a great match up for my Caine list, but I will say that losing was a great way to learn a bunch of lessons on this list.

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