Thursday, April 14, 2016

Countdown to LnL2016: 8 Weeks

Missed a week on the countdown, but not a lot of progress anyway. Last week was crazy.

Travel - I need to take my car in for service before we drive up. Also it looks like we are definitely going to be 3 in my car, so I need to make sure we pack carefully.
Hotel - check
Food - I need to make sure I have a plan for bringing snacks and drinks with me, especially for Unbound.
Model transport - I need to make sure to bring a sturdy cookie sheet for during events, and that I can easily transport all my models. And that I can fit everything that I want to bring.
Shopping - check
Gaming equipment - check
Tokens - check
Repair kit - check

Masters - Registered! Need to finalize lists, and ADR (if applicable).
Unbound - Need to finalize a list, and also tweet a picture of my army to PP to help seed that I can play Jason Soles this year.
2nd Unbound - Playing an extra Unbound game with PPS Bryan. Need to make sure I'm all set for that. And now that's going to be a MK3 game!

Remaining Paint Queue:
Trench Buster

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