Monday, July 09, 2012

Battle Report: Calaban vs Mordikaar (in 3D!)

Even if you don't care about battle reports, you should check out this post! Below are Lytro photos from a recent battle. In case you don't know what that is, it's a new type of camera where you can change the focal point after the fact. It's mad awesome technology, especially for photographic miniature battles. Check out the photos below and click on various spots to refocus the picture! Go ahead! I'll put the battle report at the bottom so you can play with the photos first.

Amazing huh? We took these pictures during the game and despite the poor lighting, the shots are super cool to play with. Anyway, on to a super fast battle report.

25pts, Assassination, Random Terrain.
Calaban, Wrastler, Boneswarm, Bull Snapper, Gatorman Posse (5), Totem Hunter, Thrulg.
Mordikaar, Titan Gladiator, Radiem (mounted), 4 Paingivers, 6 Arcuarii, Hakaar, Extoler

What looked like it might be a one-sided match against the gators (due to Mordikaar's Hallow spell among other things), turned out to be rather one-sided in the other direction. I nearly tabled Lance on this one. The big key was positioning Thrulg in the center of the board behind a rock, and then managing to strip Hallow off of the Arcuarii using Hex Blast so that the Gatormen could roll in and kick ass. Thrulg in particular really earned his points by being hard to dig out, causing damage to Mordikaar when he cast spells, and generally surviving a long time. Now in all fairness, I had pretty awesome dice rolling, and on average I think there would have been a bit more counterpunch taking place.

Ok, anyway, this battle report was really just an excuse to show off the awesome Lytro photos. I've still got a lot of painting on Gators that I want to get done, so enough blogging and back to painting. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome to finally see someone else using the Lytro cameras. I had to sell mine unfortunately but the tech is soooo awesome and the first thing I thought when I had mine was "BATTLE REPORTS!!!" Good stuff!