Sunday, July 22, 2012

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #2

This has been a pretty busy week. Not just for the hobby, but for playing and for life in general. But let's skip the life stuff and start with the hobby stuff.

Wrong Eye, Snapjaw, and my second Bull Snapper are nearly done. They are all painted, sealed and on their bases. They just need the Envirotex poured and they are done. I got them this far so that I could play them today in fact. More on that below though.

The Skarre 2010 model is my current OCD project. By OCD I mean that it's the project I'm spending unlimited time on, only work on it when I'm inspired, and I'm attempting to paint it to near-competition quality. I'm only showing the back because that's where most of the work has been done. I've blocked in all the colors and just done her cloak. Her hair and face are painted, but they still need some detail work and clean up. I can't say enough good stuff about this sculpt. It's a really nice model to work on.

And finally from the hobby desk are my in-progress items: Barnabas and the Ironback Spitter. I just started them today so I haven't gotten very far yet of course. I'm hoping to have them done before the weekend. Both of these models are ones I've been looking forward to doing. I'm sticking with the albino theme for the Ironback, but I do want to try and fold in some of the orange color that the studio paint job has. I'll see what my muse comes up with.

Finally just some high level battle reports. Yesterday was a birthday battle mayhem day. Our local PG Ray's birthday was this last week and several of us showed up at the LGS to play. I got 3 games in total there. Then today I got an additional game in with my buddy Henry. Here's a quick summary of the games in the order I played them:
  • 15pt Killbox Mangled Metal - Calaban vs eHaley - Lost.
  • 15pt Destruction Mangled Metal - pThagrosh vs eHaley - Won.
  • 35pt Incursion - Calaban vs pMakeda - Lost (but it was an epic battle).
  • 35pt Killbox - Calaban vs pVlad - Lost (1pt short on an assassination run).
Overall my gator record with Calaban isn't looking so great. 2 wins, 4 losses, with those wins being against Skorne, and the 4 losses being 2 to Skorne, 1 Cygnar, 1 Khador. Still though, I'm enjoying playing Gators, even when I'm getting my tail handed to me.

And... time for sleep!

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