Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Rust Around The House

Today's inspiration comes from right from my own bathroom! You see, I use one of those black office clips on my toothpaste to keep it rolled up as I use up the toothpaste. I've been using the same one for several years now and over that time it's gotten a little wet and oxidized. The other day I noticed it very keenly though and it got me thinking about something Mr Justin said during one of his classes: "You use dry pigments to create texture." At the time I didn't really give it any thought. Of course it creates the look of texture. It makes it look like there's texture on the flat surface. What I didn't realize is that he meant it actually creates texture by piling on and adding surface texture in addition to color. Seeing this clip all rusted was sort of an "Oh duh" type of moment for me.

Any yes, for reference, here's how I roll up my toothpaste tube. Perhaps a little OCD, but hey, it simplifies my life by 0.000138%, and I'll take it.

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