Wednesday, July 04, 2012

From the Desk: Random Monday Roundup

It's random day! Today just a bunch of thoughts and comments about my painting status as of late.

Here's my latest update from the painting desk on Wrong Eye and Snapjaw. Snapjaw is very nearly done, however Wrong Eye has a ton of work left to do. I'll add more commentary later, but one thing I am very pleased about so far is that I picked out random scales and painted them with other colors. Not a lot of them, but enough to give him a somewhat spotted look. I'm quite pleased with how much interest it adds to the overall look. I'm hoping to have these both done, or at least just have basing left, by the end of the week.

The other day I saw a video tip from Ghoul about using matte medium in washes to help cause the paint to pull away from flat surfaces and into recesses. Turns out it works pretty well. If you haven't already been over to Hand Cannon Online, it's a great resource and Ghoul has done a whole series of really good video tutorials.

An on a slightly more silly note, it has come to pass that I now have more Legion models than Protectorate. Not only has Legion passed Protectorate, I've broken the 100 model barrier for a single faction. Now the task is to get caught up and fully painted on Legion again.

Finally, I have been really happy with my progress both in painting and blogging. I really feel like I'm on a roll. Time will tell how much I can keep this up, especially once the work travel picks back up again. In the mean time, I'm riding the fun of painting Gators, and trying to paint like I have a pair.

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