Sunday, July 29, 2012

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #3

Another week down, and a decent amount of progress. Not as many blog updates as I was hoping for unfortunately.

First is Barnabas and the Ironback Spitter. I just finished Barnabas this afternoon actually. He's not really done since I still need to pour Envirotex. Speaking of which, I've now got 5 models that need Envirotex poured, so that's my remaining task for the evening. I was putting off doing it since it's messy and there is a huge time savings in doing multiple models at once. Once the Envirotex is poured, the only remaining task is to put on the grass tufts on it. Unfortunately it takes a good solid two days for the Envirotex to dry to a level that I consider safe for tabletop activity. So several finished models should start popping off my Models On Deck list this week.

Next up just just a quick batch of extra bases I made for the remaining Gator models that are on deck right now. I figured it would save me some time to go ahead and make the bases for the remaining three models.

Another quick update, I built a better wet palette. The blister pack is great, but it doesn't seal well and so eventually the water evaporates. So I got this simple sandwich container. I like it because it's a relatively low profile so that I don't feel like I'm reaching down into something deep or that I'll accidentally bump it while working at my desk. It also seals quite well which should help keep things wet longer.

Finally just an amusing battle report picture. Henry and I wanted to try out the colossals. This is a shot of our Conquest proxy, courtesy of my son's toy chest. I have to say we were both pretty impressed with the Conquest and especially the Judicator.

And that's it!

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