Monday, September 15, 2014

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #59

Yep, eagerly awaiting my new iPhone 6...

So this week wasn't super productive, but I did overcome some of my painting block. The Stormblades are now starting to look like real progress is being made. Rather than show them all, I just picked out a couple of them to demonstrate progress. They are all at this same painting stage. I got all the glow work done. Next I'll do some metal clean ups as needed and then start on the black cloth. Hopefully I can get those two steps done this week. Once things get to the reds then they will suddenly feel like they are coming together quickly, but I like to leave the reds for last because of the process. Sometimes the playbook is the best way to go to stay sane.

I also got back to work on Thunderhead. This guy got started at the same time as the Lancers but quickly pushed to the side. Since I was already doing the glow for the Stormblades, I figured I'd just go ahead and pick this back up. He's basically at the same stage as the Stormblades, but I'm eager to finish him first. What I really need to do on this one is start sketching a bunch of insignias. I want him to be heavily decorated with them.

Oh, and the 2 Lancers got done obviously. I drilled out 10 more 30mm bases for magnets in prep for the Stormblades (so now I have 22 ready). And finally I binged at the LGS and got eAbsylonia, a second Stormblade Captain, and a Stormclad. Didn't play a single game, but yeah, sort of a busy week anyway.

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