Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Battle Report: 25pt Newbie Tournament

No, I'm not a newbie. I crashed this tournament at my LGS for the following reasons:
1) I like helping new players have a good experience with the game.
2) I haven't played much lately.
3) Putting 1 and 2 together, my gameplay kinda sucks right now and I'm a good punching bag.

As it turned out, it was great that I showed up. There were 3 other players, all who were relatively new players. With me it became 4 players which made for nice pairings and I was able to help answer rules questions and do set up for the event with the PG. The event was a 25pt Incursion format with 30 minute death clocks.

I brought a pNemo list: Stormwall, Lancer, Arcanist Core, 2 Stormsmiths.

The other three players all brought Khador, 2 of which had pButcher and the other had pVlad. I'm very proud to say that I lost all 3 of my games! In all 3 cases, the PG and I gave my opponent a pro tip on how to pull of a significant maneuver. In most of those cases it enabled them to turn the tide dramatically and resulted in me losing. In one case it was a clever use of another model to ensure that Electrify didn't push pButcher back out of reach range of the Stormwall, thus he got to completely level the Stormwall in a single activation with focus to spare which I think really got that guy excited.

Unfortunately I don't recall all the lists, but I do recall all my opponents being great guys and we all had a good time. Our PG even had some leftover Journeyman League patches that he handed out which was a nice bonus too.

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