Sunday, October 05, 2014

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #62

Getting this week's update done a bit early.

My Stormblades effort is really coming along. 6 of them are completely done (except for sealing), and another 7 are very close, just needing insignias and bases. The rest need all the red plating done and some other misc work. I'm fortunately at the point where I can easily see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm near the point of being able to actually play some of these models as well. My goal for the next week is at least wrap up the 2 basic units and the 2 unit attachments. The weapon attachments may take me a bit longer though, especially given this is a hectic week for me. I'm traveling for work for a couple days, Exigence drops on Wednesday, and I'm hoping to get another game in.

On the assembly front I got 3 warcasters, a Stormclad, and a second Stormblade Captain assembled. As much fun as pNemo is, I'm looking forward to playing a new caster.

I also got a game in this last week with Lance. 50pts Incursion, with me playing pNemo (without a Stormwall for once) and Lance playing a tier 4 Syntherion list. Lance crushed me pretty bad, with the end of the game resulting in me taking a wildly unlikely assassination run near the end in a last ditch effort to pull out a win. There were only a couple places where my luck was against me. The first was that the flag that disappeared was on the side I was weaker on. The second was a failed strength check for Thunderhead to 2-handed throw a Cipher. This match up sort of reinforced my sense that having a Stormwall is always a good idea. I just didn't have enough firepower to take out the Axiom, nor enough options to get a proper amount of damage on Syntherion since he was camping 4 focus most of the game. At arm 22, it was pretty rough for me to get enough attacks on him. I will note that Lance proxied the CoC battle engine and it was quite amusing to play against. Despite a pretty rough beating, I still really enjoy the Convergence-Cygnar match ups.

And finally a very different modeling project that my son and I did together getting ready for Halloween. It's very early but I didn't want to squash his enthusiasm for one of my favorite holidays of the year.

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