Friday, October 10, 2014


So here's the 2 Stormblade units finished up. The UA's and WA's are still in progress. It feels great to get these done though. I'm looking forward to fielding them, especially without any attachments just to try them out in their basic form first. In the end I decided to label them "A" and "Z" squads. Not really much else to say here though.


apkpureapps said...

Because I have so much to paint I am going with table top standard painting and when I get everything to that level I will go back and improve on things. Stormblades very impresive app

sumaira said...

you labeled it very well, Since I need to draw so much, I am going to do desktop standard painting, and when I get to this level, I will come back and improve things. Stormblades is a very impressive app.Snapchat APK