Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yesterday at the LGS

Yesterday I went down to my LGS to play and help out someone. On our local forum someone posted that they had gotten an Archangel but didn't know what to do about the wings. I jumped in and suggested using a couple long pins. This guy asked if someone could help and I volunteered to meet up with him at the LGS to do it. After half an hour of general chit chat and drilling and cutting and explaining and, well, just general BS'ing and modeling, it was all set. I'm happy to say the pins worked nicely and the pieces fit nice and tight. It was a great experience all around and doing it at the LGS was especially nice since other people came by asking questions. I had brought my own Archangel along which of course draws a lot of attention being such a huge model.

After the pinning exercise, we played a 25pt game as well. Mark (the guy I helped) is relatively new to Warmachine/Hordes, so we had a nice casual game. I had given him the option of picking stuff for the list I was going to play and he requested pThag and a Raek, which I happily obliged. I ended up rolling a tier 2 pThag list that included Ogryn and an Angelius. The picture shows near the end where pKaya was in a lot of trouble, pinned behind a bunch of nasty. There was a moment where I thought the Warpwolf Stalker was going to slip loose and have a run on Thagrosh, but my hardy Warmongers held their ranks and the game went my direction. Still though, we both had a great time and I was able to give him a bunch of tips about scenarios and just little things around tighter game play.

Having a vibrant Warmachine night at a great LGS is definitely a fortunate thing to have, and getting to contribute in a small way to help it stay vibrant was a nice way to break up my work week last night.

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