Monday, October 13, 2014

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #63

Finally started putting paint on my second Beast Mistress. I was updating my list of unpainted models and found that I have 5 unpainted Legion models, not counting the swarm of Shredders/Harriers/Stingers that are sitting around in various states of progress. Despite all my focus on Cygnar, Legion is still my favorite faction to both paint and play. This hiatus from them has actually given me a renewed vigor to get them on the table, especially now that I have epic Absylonia and a Neraph.

My Stormblades are coming along. The UAs are all done and just need pictures. The WAs are still in progress and need reds and insignias. My goal is to have them done this week which should be a piece of cake. That will wrap up that monster project and I can get back to painting single models for a while.

In a rather naughty move, I bought a second Stormwall. One of the guys at my LGS had a second one and wasn't going to be using it. The only downside was that it was already assembled and primed, but to some degree that saves me some trouble. He used a lot of glue so getting it off of the base was a bit of a pain, and there were some parts assembled slightly incorrectly, but otherwise it's pretty well put together. I'll probably take a much more rapid approach on this one to get it done quicker. Needless to say, this isn't at the top of my paint queue, but it is something that I had been thinking of getting anyway. The Stormwall is one of my favorite PP models to paint to date so doing a second should be really fun. Pictured here are the legs and a few pistons being stripped of primer so that I can clean up some issues, as well as trying to dissolve the glue a bit from the bottom of the feet.

Yesterday I also solved a minor mystery. I had assembled, primed and base coated a Defender jack, and it had been sitting on the side shelf for some time. Then one day it was just missing. Yesterday I happened to notice that it had taken a header from the shelf and fallen nearly 5 feet to the floor. Amazingly the paint was barely chipped, however the arms had come loose. Easily repaired though, and now I'm keen to get him painted sooner rather than later.

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