Wednesday, September 17, 2014


So very many coils. I mean seriously, there might be almost as many lightning coils as rivets! Well, not really, but damn. Just look at it! Covered in coils. It does however make for a striking look with the blue-red juxtaposed like they are. One of my friends also commented that the blue Cygnus against the bright red makes this Thunderhead look like a sort of robot superhero. Overall I like that impression. I've always thought of Thunderhead as being a bit of a rockstar-style hero in the army anyway. Now he's all charged up with lightning and ready for battle in my Nemo army.

As mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to put lots of insignias all over him and I feel like I got about as many as I could without making him appear overly cluttered. There's even another "secret message" one on his left shoulder that I'll leave mysterious. Insignias still feel like something I'm struggling with, but the practice is good for me and it is slowly getting easier to tackle freehand tasks. There are a few tricks I've picked up from various places that have definitely helped reduce my frustration.

One last note is his pose. I specifically turned his left arm upwards to get him away from "DJ mode" and more into a "High-5" pose. I have a habit of giving my models a high-5 in the middle of a game when they pull off something amazing and I'm hoping Thunderhead will deserve many high-5's.

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