Sunday, November 02, 2014

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #65

Roundup right before packing for a work trip. Blah.

Lots of stuff got finished so my desk is pretty low on things worth taking pictures of. The only real notable thing is that Fyanna is in progress. It's funny how coming back to painting Legion feels like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes. Fyanna is one of the few Legion models I've actually played unpainted. Normally I hold myself to playing painted models but I was curious to try her and couldn't wait. Hopefully I'd cover up this shame by finishing her this week.

I've also got Nemo2 and an Ironclad started with metal base coats done. The Ironclad is the last Cygnar jack I have assembled and prepped. After it things will slow down and I'll have to get back to some assembly work again if I want to add more jacks.

I'm trying to resist buying more Cygnar, which is only succeeding because I've told myself I'll wait until Dynamo comes out in December. I've also got the bug to catch up on Legion which shouldn't take me long. I'm hoping to get a couple of them done before the Blightblades come out this month.

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