Sunday, November 23, 2014

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #68

Ultra fast post this week.

Fairly productive week despite some serious Diablo3 binging. I finished a Stinger and pCaine. I also have nearly finished Nemo2, and my Ironclad is about half done. I also assembled a pile of stuff: Storm Tower, Neraph, Blighted Bather, Strangeways, Charger, Sentinel, pStryker and eHaley. All of that stuff also got primed, along with Gaston and Sturgis, and about 20 bases. I also have eAbsylonia about 2/3 assembled at this point as well.

On the priming front, I found that I slightly overprimed a couple of the items. Not a disaster but annoying. Also the fumes from priming all that stuff was noticeable in the room. It has me rethinking my priming strategy. There's a lot of advantages in both directions so we'll see what I end up choosing in the long term. For now I'm done priming until after the Christmas break though.

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