Saturday, November 08, 2014


Getting Thorn done was a small bit of focus and willpower for me. After already painting a pair of Lancers, it was a little difficult to get excited about painting another arcnode but since he was already base prepped and his glow work got done with the Stormglad and Defender, it was a little easier to get moving on him. The rounded shoulders made this one a little weird to work on compared to most of the other Cygnar jacks that don't have as much of a bubble look to them. As a result I felt like this one needed more insignias to disguise the lack of proper highlighting.


Taproot1976 said...

I really like your Color scheme... Would you mind sharing your recipe for the red /orange and the black clothes? Keep up the good work.

Scott said...

You bet. I'll do a more extensive post at a later point, but here's the quick version:
Reds: base - Skorne Red, highlight - Khador Red Base, highlight - Khador Red Base + Khador Red Highlight, edge highlights (sometimes) - Khador Red Highlight.
Black clothes: base Coal Black, highlight Coal Black + Ironhull Grey, highlight Ironhull Grey, edge highlights - Ironhull Grey + Frostbite.