Monday, November 17, 2014

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #67

Again, travel sucks...

So this last week was productive by sheer force of will. I cut back on my Diablo 3 addiction a bit, and worked on things in small chunks. Pictured here is the key stuff. Nemo2 and Caine1 are started, as well as the Ironclad base metal work is done. The former two are part of a big push I'm feeling around getting more casters ready. After having played Haley1 I've got a desire to try some more of the casters. To that end I also got Sturgis and Gaston assembled (pictured here), as well as Stryker1, a Charger and a Sentinel. I've sort of had this push to get stuff assembled and primed so I can get ahead of the painting phase again and this gets me there quite well.

I also finished yet another Stinger which I'll post tomorrow, got a game in last night which I'll post later this week, and generally did some clean up on my painting desk in terms of organizing my tools and such. Hopefully this week will be more productive from an actual paint-on-model point of view given that I'm not planning to travel.

One last quick note: DickBlick has W&N Series 7 brushes available again. Hopefully the US Customs block on sable hair brushes has finally been removed. And no, I don't get any sort of kickback from anyone at all on this. I just like the brushes above all others and wanted to share the word.

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