Thursday, January 01, 2015

2014 Wrap Up and 2015 Resolutions

[Disclaimer: This post contains fluffy, introspective nonsense... Just like last year's did.]

2014 wasn't as busy on the personal and work fronts as the previous year was, but I still had a lot of trips and then of course the holidays had a pretty big block of non-productivity.

Last year's goals:
1) Attend Lock & Load (again) - Success! Had a great time, played a ton of games, and generally really enjoyed the entire trip.
2) Enter 2 painting competitions - Success! I entered KublaCon and Lock&Load. Easy to pull this one off. I will note that I didn't place in either of them which spawned a conversation with myself that went similar to this blog post by Meg Maples.
3) Get 90% of my Malifaux collection painted - Fail! Yeah, totally got distracted by prep for Lock&Load and then starting my new Cygnar force. It was an ambitious goal to say the least.
4) Start painting my Cygnar horde - Success! This was a slam dunk. In fact I made way more progress than I anticipated I would. More on that below.
5) Close out my random few unpainted models from other factions - Fail! Again it was an ambitious goal that was demoted by other things.

This wasn't as bad of a year as last year, but still not super productive...
Models painted last year:
Cygnar: 49
Malifaux: 19
Legion: 13
Mercs: 3
Circle: 1
Or looking at it from a different perspective:
Small based: 66
Medium based: 10
Large based: 8
Huge based: 2

So this year I painted a total of 85 models compared to 42 the previous year which is a huge surge in the amount I got done In all fairness, last year included 3 huge based models including the Archangel and Throne which were complex. However this year I started a whole new faction and designed the scheme for it which worked out fairly successful. Plus I painted the power generator pieces from Secret Weapon to match my Cygnar force.

Goals for next year:
1) Get my Cygnar force up to 100 painted models - I really love playing Cygnar, and I have a ton of models I really want to paint. This should be a slam dunk for me.
2) Get caught up on all new Legion releases - I've loved all the new models coming out for Legion, but I've fallen behind due to my Cygnar obsession. Time to get back on the latest releases. If I'm really ambitious, I may also try to paint a unit of Archers or Swordsmen.
3) Play 52 games of Warmachine - I've never set a goal to play a number of games before. This is mostly motivated to keep myself from falling into "It's late and I'm tired" mode and to get out and play more.
4) Attend 1 convention - It may not be Lock&Load, but I'm going to attend 1 convention for sure this year.
5) Not delude myself on other factions - Seriously, no silly goals about closing out models for other factions or games that I'm just not going to be as focused on. Like painting Dreadfleet, or Malifaux, or Protectorate or whatever.

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