Sunday, January 11, 2015

From the Desk: Weekend Roundup #69

Tee hee hee...

So vacation happened, which completely shut down any progress for pretty much 3 solid weeks. However when I got back I found myself with a renewed enthusiasm for painting which is great. What follows is sort of a brain dump of all kinds of things.

First is progress. Pictured here is what's currently in progress on my desk right now. Gastone is practically done but needs a base. The Stormwall is getting some progress made in that the pods and legs have base metal coats done. The upper half of it needs a lot more prep work still. I also started working on the Blighted Bather just for kicks and she's probably about half done at this point. I also finished Stryker1, Sturgis, a Charger and a Sentinel, but they are still being sealed so no pictures yet. In addition I painted 8 more Cygnar bases and primed a few bases for mercs. I also started painting eHaley and then got frustrated and completely stripped her to start all over. I'll probably try to prime her this week and start again.

I also went through and took stock of all my current projects and their various states:
  • Painting: Blighted Bather, Gastone
  • Base Coated: 2 Fireflies, 3 Stormpods
  • Primed: 6 Mechanics, Strangeways, Storm Tower, Bloodseer, Harrier, 2 Shredders, Neraph
  • Assembling: Abby2, Stormwall, eHaley
Right now my paint queue of what I want to work on (in rough order) looks like this: Blighted Bather, Stormwall, Mechanics, and eHaley.

I also did a quick catalog of bases so I knew where I was at in terms of how many more Tau Ceti bases I need:
  • Painted: 9 small, 6 medium, 2 large, 1 huge
  • Unpainted: 12 small, 4 medium, 2 large
  • Total unpainted models: 30 small, 7 medium, 11 large, 1 huge
For Christmas, my good friends Henry and Lance got me an assortment of Cygnar things that dramatically boosted my dragon horde of models: Darius, Dynamo, Tempest Blazers, Stryker2, Stryker3, and another Hunter.

And finally, I listened to Warlock Sagas Instruments of War, and Warlock Sagas Mutagenesis while painted this week. Both were very inspiring for painting.

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